May 3, 2021



New York City plans to reopen at 100% by July 1st because of the vaccine efforts and cases dropping. Is this going to be too soon? More than 100 million people in the US are fully vaccinated and 243M have had 1 shot. I got my second shot Friday. Click here for the video.


Celebrate Stone Cold week on wwe.com! Starting Monday, WWE will celebrate the 25th anniversary of Stone Cold's debut. On Stone Cold's podcast, he will have Randy Orton on the show. This and much more on wwe.com!


US Passes a historic 1.9T Bill. The bill moves to Biden's desk and could be signed by Friday.


New Phasmophobia updates!

Click here to check out the new bug fixes, balance changes and new features. It is still an early access game, but it's overwhelmingly positive.


CDC Releases guidelines for the fully vaccinated against Covid-19
Click here to read the article - source CNN

Some Updates


Later today I will record and upload 3 games. Mega Man 1, 2, and Layers of Fear 1. I will upload Layers of Fear 2 tomorrow. The tech page is also getting slow updates.


I'm back with some scheduled updates. I am more active on twitch. I try to stream every Friday 7:30 pm eastern time us, and sometimes on thursday nights, or a random night in the week. twitch.tv/bobonline.net.


Redoing the website layout. I will be uploading game footage twice per week. More updates will come once my schedule becomes lighter ; probably in the spring with covid still raging out of control.







Cool Videos

Halloween Organ Solo





- WWE -

WWE network will be exclusively on Peacock starting March 18. Pricing breakdown:

"Premium for $4.99—a $5.00/month savings—where members will enjoy access to the entire WWE and Peacock catalog, more than 47,000 hours of premium programming. For an ad-free experience, Peacock Premium Plus will be available for $9.99."

For more info on the network, click here.




Diablo II Resurrected was announced on 2/19. Click here to see the trailer.




World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Mar. 8, 2021- 9.0.5 Update Notes



This update is a little late, but Blizzard has updated their user interface for the battle.net app. You'll notice some graphical changes.


Updates: 12/12/20

Latest patch - 1.28.0
Build 12476

Maintenance schedule - Dec 12 at 7AM PST. Services will be back at 8AM PST. Game will not be available during that time.

My first level 60 toon - Blood Elf Mage





Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker
Updated Mar 15, 2021

Total Vaccines administered as of Mar 13
107 Million in the US