Historic 1.9T Bill Passes US Congress

March 10, 2021


Without any republican support, Congress has passed the massive covid relief bill. On March 11, 2020, World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic. A year into the pandemic, 528,000+ Americans have died.


What has happened since 3/11/20:
- For the first couple of months into the pandemic, supermarkets are flooded with panic buyers. People are buying hand sanitizer, paper towels, toilet paper, making many of those cleaning and paper supplies short of stock for months. Supermarkets created limitations so people can't horde products. They would later sell them for higher prices and take advantage of the pandemic.
- Trump has refused to concede, stating the election was rigged and stolen from him.
- A violent riot occured at the US Capitol on Jan 9, 2021. Trump supporters tried to take over the capitol and have the election overturned.
- Trump is impeached a second time, and then later aquitted.
- Trump supported a drug that the FDA and the WHO repeatedly said would not work against covid, and instead would do the opposite, including heart problems.
- Trump claimed the virus would just "go away", and become like the common flu. He made other false claims involving Lysol which prompted the company to come out with statements so people won't use products the wrong way.
- Instead of working with science and taking advice from health experts, Trump spent time during the summer of 2020 at rallies with packed crowds talking about the election and his campaign.
- On Oct 2, 2020, Donald Trump tested positive for covid and was sent to Walter Reed for treatment. Covid had spread through the White House.

Many events happened, but those were the key points. I will add more as this page gets updated.



What's in the bill:

- $1400 direct payments to qualifying Americans
- Extends weekly jobless payments of $300 until September 2021
- $350 billion to state and local governments - school reopening, covid testing, and vaccine distribution.
- A proposal to raise min wage to $15 an hour did not make it to the final bill. Many republicans did not support any of the bill, and took the wage increase out of the bill. Sen. Sanders thinks it's possible to get the $15 an hour wage passed at some point.

70% of Americans supported the bill, including 41% republicans.

No republicans in congress supported the bill. They want the bill to be smaller, but they have come up with very low numbers for the bill.

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