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2/19/2021 - New Game approx 7 min with warping
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The very first Super Mario Bros. game was released on the NES in September 1985 in Japan, then October 1985 in US. For 36 years Super Mario has been an icon in gaming and it is constantly evolving. It is a simple but fun game. Your job is to rescue the princess from Bowser and save the Mushroom Kingdom. Other characters come into play, but the originals were Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach.

In the original series, Mario can gain power ups such as the fire flower, star man to become invincible for a short time, or a regular mushroom to become bigger.

Who knows what gaming would be like if Super Mario had never made an appearance. It was my first game as a hand me down in 1990 and I have been hooked on gaming ever since.