Game Play Videos:

*** update - new videos coming every Tuesday
I have a lot of projects I am working on, but I will upload game play footage of 7 Days to Die on this page.


Taking over the shop - 10/12/21

Stupid breakable floors
Oct 19

Oct 26

Nov 2

Nov 9

Nov 16

Nov 23

Nov 30

7 Days to Die


Why 7 Days to Die is cool:

It's an open world survivor horror game. It's a mix of RPG, tower defense and first person shooter. You can customize the game in your favor or make it spicy and create a true horror game. Blood moons are exciting because of the many enemies that can spawn. I'm sure many have been curious about this, but the game is still in alpha and it came out in 2013. I think The Fun Pimps did a great job and I support this game. I will be uploading weekly videos of my game play. Sometimes I create games where I just run around and craft stuff and chill, and other times I'm blowing zombie's heads off. If you want to try out the dev mode and god mode you can really have some fun.


Last update from Steam
July 29, 2021 - Alpha 19.6 is out!

Supported languages now are translated and supported for our Twitch Integration

Set cooldown to 0 causes actions to not populate.
Twitch login early timeout bug
Cooldown bar could get stuck if party members left while bar was mostly full
Queued twitch actions will auto refund after 60 seconds of not being able to be performed
Closing twitch options window too fast after connecting could cause an NRE
Reordered global cooldown settings to be lowest to highest

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