Other Games


Super Mario Maker 2

If you have Super Mario Maker 2 you can play levels I create.

Click here to see my levels. You can search for them on Mario Maker

MS Dos Games

What is MS Dos?
MS-Dos was the main operating system released for IBM computers in August 1981. It was the underlying basic operating system which early versions of Windows ran on as a GUI. The Final release came with Windows Me in September 2000. Dos games can still run on today's Windows machines with the dos box emulator. People not familiar with dos commands might have difficulty mounting and running games, but guides on their website make it easier than ever to run.




Jill of the Jungle

Mario Teaches Typing


Wolfenstein 3D

Duke Nukem 3D

Ms Pac Man/ Pac Man

Mortal Kombat

Hocus Pocus