New York becomes first state to pass right to repair law for electronics
June 3, 2022


In the new law passed today, the act will require all manufacturers that sell digital electronic products to make tools, parts and repair instructions to available for consumers and repair shops. The bill will be sent to the state's governor who can sign the bill or veto it.

For years it was impossible to repair stuff like iphones, because you had to purchase special tools and find guides if you wanted to fix it yourself. Even though if you knew how to repair your electronics, you couldn't in most cases because the parts you needed weren't sold and the company would refuse to sell the parts. The companies forced people and repair shops to either buy their parts or send them in for repair work.

This isn't bad news for manufacturers. They can still make money because not everyone is tech savvy and they'll still send out for help. More people will buy from big tech companies because they know repair shops can finally repair their stuff. From phones to laptops and everything else, people won't be punished for repairing things and everyone can make money and help the economy. I think this is a win-win for everyone.