What happened to Resident Evil Re:Verse? 6/9/22



Did Resident Evil Re:Verse get scrapped? There are no updates on the twitter page, community hub or on steam. It was first announced in January 2021, then it was announced the game will be pushed back to some time in 2022. There's 6 months left of the year and the news just stopped. The last update I can find is from July 15, 2021.



Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village. Approx 9'6 tall ;)

People who bought Resident Evil Village got the game free included in a bundle. (myself included)
Are they going to wait until the end of the year or not release it at all? Resident Evil 4 remake is coming in 2023, but nothing about Verse. I never heard of this game until I bought Village.

It would be awesome to play these short death matches. My take from it is it sounds like Mortal Kombat. Quick matches against each other and the player with the most points wins. I am optimistic that something will happen, but since they are talking about other projects and verse is a deserted island, I don't see this game ever becoming a thing. It reminds me of Silent Hills P.T. demo that was cancelled in 2014. I watched youtubers play it on PS4. I went to download the demo on my console and it was pulled from the store. Luckily people created remakes on the pc, but that's another project we will never see again.


Page from engadet talking about the delay

Covid-19 impacted a lot of game developers from finishing projects, but they should be able to move along now with this one since they are announcing other remakes.