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> Trump launched Truth app



Donald Trump finally launched his social media app called Truth. This plan came about after he was banned from twitter and facebook after the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. The Truth app is not like social media platforms you know like Facebook or Twitter. They are calling themselves Truth Sayers, and tweets and re-tweets are known as Truth, Re-Truth. The new app is already #1 on downloads, but that doesn't mean there aren't flaws.

I tried to download the app and see what it was like. First I was able to make an account like twitter, no problem. Confirmed the e-mail and I was greeted with making a user name. I saw a message that said service not available. I closed the app and reopened it and tried again. This time the user name I typed in said name was taken. I thought that was weird so I closed the app again and reopened to try a different name. Again the app said service not available. I did another close and open and tried again. The same message, user name taken popped up. A day later I opened the app and I see a message that says Your account was created successfully!, however I am on a waiting list. I am number #536,657.

Some information about the app:
Seller is T Media Tech LLC
Size is 10.6 MB
The app is open source


Personally I think the app is created to let certain followers reach each other because Twitter and Facebook banned the type of dangerous communication on social media. I never used an app that was so confusing and made me scratch my head. Of course there is a chance the app can be successful, but I don't see that happening.