Cody Rhodes injured, will be out for 9 months


Image credit WWE


June 11, 2022

Cody Rhodes suffered an attack from Seth Rollins on Raw. He had surgery to repair the already torn pec and he will miss 9 months of action.

Cody was injured going into Hell in a Cell and managed to defeat Seth Freakin Rollins. Nine months is around WrestleMania 39. Will he come back in 2023 and get his revenge on Seth Rollins? John Cena and Triple H had the same injury. Cena came back in 4 months and Triple H came back in 5 months. Depending on how Cody recovers, it could be sooner like Cena.

I feel bad for Cody since he just returned at WrestleMania 38 and now he needs to take time off. It is possible he will return by the Royal Rumble, but time will tell.