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Windows 11

Next update for the dev channel - Cumulatie Update for Windows 11
(10.0.22000.100) (KB5004300)



- Create Windows 10 installation media
You can download the ISO for Windows 10 and create a bootable flash drive using the media creation tool. If you need to wipe your boot drive and start over, this tool makes it really simple to install windows again. If you have a digital license, simply sign onto your Microsoft account during installation, and Windows will be activated.


Speed Test

Want to test out your internet speed? Visit It uses your ISP info and connects to the closest server to test your upload and download speeds. I have been using this site for years and it does the job.

Windows 11 taskbar, start menu and explorer.exe fix

A new update has been released to fix the bug, but explorer would crash if you clicked the taskbar, any icons on the desktop, or right click anywhere on the desktop. Thanks to, the fix solved the problem. Here is the step by step guide:

1. Use the ctrl+alt+del shortcut and open task manager
2. In task manager, make sure more details option is activated
3. Click File, then select Run new task
4. Type cmd and click open
5. copy and paste this command:
reg delete HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\
CurrentVersion\IrisService /f && shutdown -r -t 0

Your computer will restart and the taskbar, start menu and explorer won't crash again.



Newegg Shuffle - Mixed reactions

Story about newegg shuffle

Story about the power supply


Tech News - July 19, 2021

Covid-19 and Social Media

- 7/18/21 - President Biden says "They're killing people" with misinformation about the covid-19 vaccine information on social media - click here for the link

Google Exploit

- Google revealed a new "zero day" exploit has been discovered in Chrome. It is a security exploit that is mis-used by hackers to sell on the dark web. Click here for more information



Apps to check out

- Obs: Open Broadcast Software -
This program is free and open source. It's used for video recording and live streaming. It originally came out in Sept 2012.

CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information about your system such as motherboard, processor, ram and displays it to the user. This is helpful because say if you can't find the manuals to the motherboard, you can get the information you need about your system.

- CrystalDiskMark
CrystalDiskMark is an open source disk drive benchmark tool used in Windows. This program tests the performance of solid-state drives.

- Winamp
Winamp is still awesome for playing mp3's. I still use Winamp 2.95 and it works like a charm on Windows 10 and even Windows 11 dev preview.

- DOSBox
Play your favorite DOS games on the latest version of Windows, Mac and more. My first PC was a Windows 95 machine, so you bet I downloaded this program to play my old favorite dos games. You can click here to download the games. There is documentation on how to mount games if you are not familiar. I like to make folders and file names shorter so it's less typing.