3G is shutting down. Is your device still running it?


By December 31, 2022, 3G will be shut down on all 3 major phone carriers. AT&T has already stopped 3G services on their network. Here's an article about the timeline of all the networks shutting down 3G.

What is 3G?
3G is the third generation of wireless mobile technology. It was introduced in 2001 and the average speed is 200 kilobits per second. 2G speeds were 64 Kbps, so when 3G came out it was a huge step up back then. Basically they are making more room for 5G connections since it is more faster and more reliable. According to PCMag, the iPhone 6 and newer iPhones will not be affected by the 3G shutdown. The same goes for Galaxy S5 and newer phones. If you have wifi turned off and you don't see LTE or 5G on the top corner of your phone, your phone will not be able to use 5G.

Any device that relies on 3G will not be supported and may just run only on wifi. This makes cars and 3G complicated. You can stll drive your car, but if certain devices like remote start used 3G technology, it may not be supported anymore.

There are options that are affordable to upgrade to a newer phone. If you're like me, I keep all of my old phones and I just have a new phone that is current. Check out this article from CNET about Apple's cheapest phones. You don't need to spend $1000 to keep up to date with the technology.