Zelda II Randomizers coming this weekend

I created some random Zelda II games with the app created by digshake. You can watch me tonight on twitch or come back when I upload videos. Next week I will try the Zelda Link to the Past randomizers and see how that plays out.








I have not completed the games yet, so if you have the emulator you can try them for yourself. Enjoy!




Some reasons why I like playing Link's Awakening

Link's Awakening came out in the states in August 1993. My first hand held was the Game Boy and Link's Awakening was one of the first games I had. I was blown away because I could take Mario, Zelda and Mega Man with me and play anywhere assuming my batteries were full. There is a whole world to explore, including the 8 dungeons and the last dungeon, the Wind Fish Egg. There was a sense of accomplishment when I did mini quests on the way to finishing the story. I couldn't believe the Yoshi doll was in the crane game.

The wind fish egg maze was awesome. You had to finish the trading sequence in order to see what directions to walk in. If your friend finished it on their game and you tried to copy the directions on your game, it won't work. Each playthrough has a different way to get through the maze. Finding all of the hearts and secret shells was hard too. We didn't have internet back then and when we got it, there weren't many guides online showing us how to finish the trading sequence and how to kill the last bosses. I give this game a 10. Around the same time I was playing this game, I was playing Zelda 2 and Zelda 3 in that order. I always thought it was amazing as a kid how they can fit a huge world in a tiny game. I still play it to this day. Now that we know how cheats and game genie works, we can make really cool stuff happen.




Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 1987 5/7/22
45 min approx
NES Emulator Game Genie
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX 1998 5/19/22
54 min approx
GB Emulator Game Genie/GameShark